The following exercises are intended to be used with the textbook:

Kiswahili: Msingi wa Kusema, Kusoma, na Kuandika (2nd edition) 1998. Thomas J. Hinnebusch & Sarah Mirza. Lanham, MD: University Press of America.

The exercises are grouped according to type, and then by lesson. There are multiple-choice exercises to practice vocabulary from Swahili to English and English to Swahili. Fill-in-the-blank exercises are also provided to help you with the reading selections and others for dialogues and grammar.


Mazoezi ya Mazungumzo (Elementary Swahili)

Mazoezi ya Msamiati

Kiswahili kwa Kiingereza (Swahili to English):

Kiingereza kwa Kiswahili (English to Swahili)

Kutafsiri: Mazoezi ya Kusoma (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced Swahili)
Mganga Pazi Translation Exercises (Intermediate, Advanced Swahili)
Mganga Pazi Vocabulary Exercises


This site is under construction and exercises will be added as they become available =).

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