UCLA SwahiliPoetry Project

This is an experimental site devoted to the dissemination of information about Swahili poetry, to its collection and archiving, and for providing tools which will allow students and scholars to access, read, and understand this rich heritage.   It is under construction and its content and design frequently change.   It consists of a number of resources: a textbase of Swahili poetry, a dictionary/glossary, a grammar, and bibliography.  Some facts about Swahili poetry are also available (Swahili and the Poetic Tradition).  To begin navigating through the site select a link below.  The project is under the direction of Prof. Thomas J. Hinnebusch, Professor of Linguistics and African languages, Department of Linguistics, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1543.  He can be reached at hinnebus@humnet.ucla.edu.  It is funded by the Committee on Research, Academic Senate, UCLA.

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