A Dichotic Listening Experiment

This site lets you try a dichotic listening experiment to test the side of your brain that is dominant for language processing. You will hear different language sounds played to each ear, but in principle, one of the two should predominate, depending on the hemisphere of the brain that processes it first. To do this experiment, you need to have a stereo headset plugged into your computer's sound port. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE SIDE OF THE HEADSET MARKED "L" PLAYING INTO YOUR LEFT EAR! As you hear each sound, type the word you heard in the text boxes below. To proceed, lick on "GO TO DIRECTIONS" in the movie below.

Type the words you hear for each sound sample in the respective boxes below:

Sound 1:      Sound 6:
Sound 2:    Sound 7:
Sound 3:    Sound 8:
Sound 4:    Sound 9:
Sound 5:    Sound 10: