Resources for Studying

the Wolof Language


UCLA receives frequent enquiries about how to obtain materials for learning the Wolof language. On this page, we will post information of this type. If you can supply information on material which can be purchased or otherwise distributed to interested individuals and you would like it posted here, please e-mail Russell G. Schuh at

The following Wolof materials are available from UCLA:

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Wolof-English-Wolof Dictionary

Pamela Munro and Dieynaba Gaye, Ay Baati Wolof-A Wolof Dictionary, (revised edition). UCLA Occasional Papers in Linguistics, Number 19. Los Angeles: UCLA Department of Linguistics, 1997.

price $15.00
US domestic postage $3.00
foreign postage $15.00

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For further information, contact

Lisa Harrington
Department of Linguistics
Box 951543
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1543

(310) 825-0634

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Ayca ci Wolof Wolof course

The University of Illinois published a Wolof course book called Ayca ci Wolof ("Let's Go in Wolof") with tapes. I do not whether this course and the tapes are still available. Check with either UI African Studies or UI Linguistics for information.